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                    Welcome: Zigong Zhaoqiang Sealing Products Industrial Co., Ltd.
                    Language: Chinese ∷  English


                    Zhaoqiang's enterprise tenet -- create value for customers, seek profits for the company, seek development for employees, and make contributions to the society
                    Zhaoqiang enterprise spirit - unity, realistic, pioneering, innovation
                    Trillion strong enterprise style -- diligent, steadfast, vigorous and resolute
                    Trillion strong professional ethics -- honest and trustworthy, decent person
                    Zhaoqiang's business philosophy -- advocate "people-oriented, integrity for people", adhere to do things in good faith, to the letter management, harmonious management, science and technology, innovative development concept
                    Zhaoqiang's business goal -- to create a famous brand in China and build a first-class enterprise in the national mechanical seal industry
                    Zhaoqiang quality policy -- quality products, integrity services, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence
                    Zhaoqiang quality objectives -- efficient, low consumption, domestic first-class products, domestic first-class services, catch up with the world's advanced level
                    Trillion strong service objectives -- customer satisfaction, company satisfaction, employee satisfaction
                    Zhaoqiang principle of employment -- people-oriented, moral first, the implementation of people-oriented management: respect for people's personality, affirmation of people's strengths, the need to serve people, the development of people's potential

                    CONTACT US

                    Contact: yyj@zg-zq.com Yujin Yan

                    Phone: 18882031233 / 18882031250

                    Tel: 17380131119(磁性液体技术)/18882031201(机械密封技术)

                    Email: yzq@zg-zq.com

                    Add: Factory 66, No. 19, Longxiang Road, Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Yantan District, Zigong, Sichuan, China (Mainland)

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