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                    Welcome: Zigong Zhaoqiang Sealing Products Industrial Co., Ltd.
                    Language: Chinese ∷  English


                    Congratulations to our company on winning the second prize of national technological invention in 2019

                    ZIGONG ZHAOQIANG SEALING PRODUCTS INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. won the Second Prize of 2019 National Science and Technology Progress Invention

                        On January 10, 2019 National Science and technology award was announced in Beijing, with 296 projects and 12 science and technology experts selected. Among them, there are 46 National Natural Science Awards, 65 national technology invention awards and 185 National Science and technology progress awards. Huang Xuhua, honorary director of 719 Institute affiliated to China shipbuilding group, Zeng Qingcun, academician of Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, won the highest national science and technology award.Ten foreign experts won the international science and Technology Cooperation Award of the people's Republic of China.

                    2019 National Technological Invention Award (65)

                    our company's "acid, alkali, high-speed, segmented magnetic fluid rotary seal key technology and application" has won 2019 national scientific and technological progress two prize, which is a huge breakthrough and innovation in the seals industry. 

                    We will remain true to our original aspiration, devote ourselves to research and development of the most advanced technology, and strive to serve every user well.

                    CONTACT US

                    Contact: yyj@zg-zq.com Yujin Yan

                    Phone: 18882031233 / 18882031250

                    Tel: 17380131119(磁性液体技术)/18882031201(机械密封技术)

                    Email: yzq@zg-zq.com

                    Add: Factory 66, No. 19, Longxiang Road, Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Yantan District, Zigong, Sichuan, China (Mainland)

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